Oracle Software as a Service (SaaS)

Moving to a Cloud SaaS solution not only affords you the opportunity to review your business processes, but also allows you to re-evaluate the very foundations of your system; the Chart of Accounts, Organisation and Hierarchy structures. How many customisations have you got in your current system because your core fundamental structures simply don’t reflect the way your business wants to transact and report, now and in the future?

Help is at hand. We know that a Chart of Accounts design project can go on for many months, so why do it as part of the Cloud project – do it before!!

Namos understand how important having a structured but flexible Chart of Accounts is, so can help review where you are now, what pain points you have, what your future growth strategy is, and how to plan those foundation structures to ensure you reap the benefit of efficient user transactional processing with immediate clear and concise management and statutory/legislative reporting in your new Cloud based world.

To increase productivity people are looking for standardised best practice applications and Oracle SaaS provides this through a complete and unified set of cloud applications that are designed to work together to ensure sharing of key data objects and to simplify your business processes.

Oracle SaaS combines the best of the Oracle E-Business suite of applications in an integrated cloud instance, with Social and Mobile processes embedded into the applications to provide the users with the ability to use any device, any time anywhere to access their data.

Security, Integration, user ability and personalised configuration are all areas that SaaS applications have been built on to ensure you receive the best service for your business and your customers.