Scoping, Advice, Planning & Roadmaps

Namos can engage with your organization at any level, whether just for advice or to engage in larger programs such as Scoping Studies, System Reviews, Planning and Future Road Mapping.

Our team are experts in Program, Project and Change Management, and have significant years of business and Oracle experience across a variety of industry sectors.

We are happy to engage with our clients on projects that range from a single day to many years and provide our services as and when required by you, according to your budget and needs.

Namos - Implementations


Whether you are on-premise or in a hosted Cloud environment, we will have the right solution for you. We advise, implement and support the following products:

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Financials
  • Procurement
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

  • Enterprise Performance Management Cloud
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Close and Reporting
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management Platform
  • Business Intelligence

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • Global HR
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Rewards
  • Workforce Management
  • Work Life Solutions
  • HCM Analytics

Oracle Fusion

  • Fusion Financials
  • Fusion Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Fusion Human Capital Management
  • Fusion Procurement
  • Fusion Projects
  • Fusion Supply Chain Management

Oracle Technology

  • PaaS
  • Iaas
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-Business Technology
Namos - Project Training and Knowledge Transfer Services

Training & Knowledge Transfer Services

There is a clear difference between training and knowledge transfer, and it mainly surrounds the amount of time and effort the customer organisation can release to the project. The more time and effort, the more knowledge transfer and less traditional training.

Both start with the Training Strategy which will determine the process to be followed. The training strategy is one of a group of core documents we produce for each project.

Our experts in training Oracle solutions will work with our customer to plan the best method, timeline and model in which to train staff. This includes identification of the areas below and formulating the correct model for each as it’s not a one size fits all:

  • Audience – Project Team, Superusers, UAT Testers, End Users, Internal Support, Train the Trainer
  • Method – Presentation, Classroom, Hands-On Exercises, Webinar, CBT
  • Logistics – Where, How & When
  • Materials – Easy to use, Reusable, Hand-Out
Namos will train your employee to use your system solution, to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Knowledge Transfer
Namos methodology, incorporates knowledge transfer as a matter of course, as we believe that it is an essential part of every project.

There is an assumption the project team members will be available to work with their Namos counterparts collaboratively in the required phases, to start and maintain a level of knowledge transfer that will provide true benefit when it comes to user training and first level support, nearer the end of the project.

By fully involving the team in the project planning stages we ensure that the ease of knowledge transfer is increased. Throughout the project, we provide advice, guidance and encourage the team to execute tasks themselves, leading to a practical hands-on approach to knowledge transfer.

  • Namos like to identify Super users as early as possible and engage with them during the process
  • This creates subject matter experts who can review and assist with any formal user training as the project progresses
  • Knowledge transfer is an on-going process with formal and informal transfer of knowledge being driven by reengineering or daily scrums

We never underestimate the long-term benefits of making a group of individuals feel like a cohesive team. That cohesiveness will have benefits for productivity and cooperation and will give the Project Team an identity within the wider organisation as well as encouraging knowledge transfer on every level.

This requires more reliance on the customer resource, but provides a high level of employee knowledge in the internal support team.

Namos - Project Management

Project Management

Namos uses the Oracle Unified Methodology approach.

The Solution driven agile approach in the cloud has created a fundamental change to implementation methodology. The key change is matching your business requirements to the standard procedures in the product with the use of configuration not customization.

  • Early customer engagement and clear responsibilities
  • Working together in partnership
  • Finding joint solutions
  • Transferring knowledge

Whether it’s a Cloud or an on-premise project, Namos work with our customers to set up a Project Steering Group and put in place streamlined governance procedures for the project which cover design decisions, risks and issues, change control and stage/phase transition which ensure successful delivery.

Namos provide a Project Manager as part of the implementation project and we also request a similar person to be provided from the client and the two will work in tandem, as we’ve found having a joint collaborative project team work provides the best results. Namos operate a hands-on implementation policy, whereby we will work with the client during implementation and will be physically on site during the entire process. Namos Solutions do not off-shore any of the implementation project or any on-going service agreements.

Namos - Project Management

Oracle Software License Review Advisory Services

For many Oracle customers, License Management is a minefield of confusion and possible misunderstandings that can sometimes prove very costly!   This can be especially true when, over time, licenses have been purchased and deployed over many disparate corporate systems.  Not to mention the added issues of upgrades, changing functionality, modules and converted licenses.  Oracle is constantly updating its license offerings and purchasing models and non-compliance can cost organizations millions of pounds in additional fees. 

Namos is here to take the pain away and provide you with an advisory service that untangles the complexities and provides a structured path to compliance and reassurance that a full audit review will uncover any hidden issues.  

Take advantage of Namos’ unrivalled Oracle technology and software expertise to assess and audit your current Oracle assets.

Oracle Software License Review Assessment

Our Oracle Software License Review Assessment is the first step towards taking control of licensing across your software portfolio, allowing your business to:

  • Gain immediate visibility into your software estate identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Optimize software spend and identify potential savings and different licensing scenarios
  • Find yourself in a much stronger position to negotiate contracts that work for your business
  • Execute a successful agreement structure with ongoing support, mitigating compliance and audit risks

Choose Namos to help you make better software licensing decisions. 

Want to know more about our Oracle Software License Review Assessment,  please contact us at info@namossolutions.com today.

Why Choose Namos?

  • Namos licensing experts assist our clients on compliance, negotiation, contracts and technical advice allowing them to take control of their software estate as well as their relationship with Oracle.
  • We are trusted advisors to many of the world’s leading organisations and as such enjoy an elevated level of relationship within Oracle, working with senior leaders to provide our clients with unrivalled levels of synergy, security and support at the highest level.
  • We are consumers of the products we sell, having true belief in the capabilities of the products and solutions we champion, setting us apart from our competitors.
  • Namos consultants are some of the most certified, experienced and dedicated Oracle professionals in the business. Some of our consultants have held Senior positions as CEO, CFO and COO, bringing genuine insight on real business issues.
  • Our aim is to be the very best at what we do which is why we only recruit the best talent in the industry who have the credentials, implementations and certifications behind them to ensure we maintain our high standard of delivery.
  • As a true trusted advisor, we work with you to understand your business and your unique requirements and provide solutions focused on optimization, simplification and cost reduction, that are right for you. 
Namos - Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are you cloud ready?

Moving to a Cloud SaaS solution provides a perfect opportunity to re-engineer your business processes and a Cloud Readiness Assessment will enable you to determine how and when you can take the first steps on your Cloud journey.

Namos will work with you to assess the feasibility of Oracle’s Cloud Offerings, with the objective to move at a pace you are comfortable with and discuss any areas you are unclear about or need further clarification.

Oracle Cloud Applications provide a modular approach allowing organisations to select individual Application Pillars, or the ERP Suite in its entirety. Oracle Cloud Applications multiple deployment options bring flexibility to tailor the solution to your needs. This flexibility allows customers to adopt a “big bang” or phased implementation approach depending on business needs or complexity.

If you find the SaaS Cloud all a bit daunting, then help is at hand. Let Namos eNgage with your organization with a Cloud Readiness Assessment, by working with you and your key business users to build a roadmap to the Oracle Fusion Cloud. Namos understands that this is a big commitment for any organization so taking the first steps should only be at your own pace.

Click here to download more information on our Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Namos - Cloud Readiness Assessments

Start your Cloud Journey Today with our

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Take the first step to ensuring a successful move to the Cloud – email us at info@namossolutions.com or hit the button below, fill in a few details and one of the team will get back to you.

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An affordable and unparalleled solution for organisations looking for a fast, predictable and cost-effective route to the Cloud.

eNlighten Managed Services
eNlighten Managed Services

eNlighten Managed Services

Safeguard your applications with our Managed Service Support offering. With our Managed Services support team not only can Namos enlighten you with regards to how you use your system but can lighten the load when it comes to management and issue resolution.



Let Namos enrich your Oracle experience. There are times when all you need are some developments, enhancements and adaptations in your existing system or some extra training to really ensure you get the full use of your Oracle solution. Namos can help you to enrich what you already have, so that you can realise business efficiencies and grow as an organisation.



To eNable™ is to make things possible. Whether you are looking to Implement, Re-Implement or Upgrade, Namos can make it possible, whether you’re new to Oracle solutions, or a seasoned campaigner looking to move to R12 or Cloud.



Namos can engage with your organisation at any level, whether just for advice or to engage in larger engagements such as Scoping Studies, System Reviews, Planning and Future Road Mapping.