Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

The Most Complete, Modern, Flexible, and Secure Enterprise Cloud

Oracle’s public cloud solution, Oracle Cloud, provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of application services, platform services, and social relationship management services, all available through a monthly subscription. 

Delivering a full suite of integrated, enterprise-grade applications services, businesses can avoid the fragmented data and business processes that can result from using multiple, siloed clouds from different vendors. 

No other vendor can match the breadth and depth of application functionality that Oracle Cloud offers for human capital management, talent management, sales and marketing, customer service and support, enterprise resource planning, planning and budgeting, and financial reporting.

Business users are empowered with unified dashboards and reports they can tailor to help them make better decisions with greater speed and auditability. Plus, they can do it all from anywhere, and on virtually any internet-connected device.

As a result of Oracle’s uniquely comprehensive, modern approach to cloud applications, businesses can:

  • Quickly execute complete and integrated business processes
  • Easily access market-leading capabilities to solve end-to-end business problems
  • Innovate faster and with less risk
  • Roll out solutions faster and incrementally with less burden on IT
  • Transform user experiences and deliver unprecedented insight
  • Deliver greater value to both internal teams and customers

As a certified Oracle Partner, Namos can help you choose the right Oracle Cloud applications to suit your requirements. Feel free to get in touch! 

If you want all the benefits of public cloud – like cost-effectiveness, less datacenter complexity and more business agility – but must keep your data on premises due to regulatory requirements, Oracle is offering a revolutionary solution: Oracle Cloud at Customer

You can now reap the performance, cost and innovation benefits of Oracle Cloud services and run them wherever you want – in the Oracle Cloud or in your own datacenter, behind your firewall. 

Both are based on the same technology, making migration easy. You could develop innovative new apps in the public cloud and deploy them in your datacenter. Unlike competitive offerings, Oracle Cloud at Customer supports both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads. It’s even available with a choice of three high-performance machines: Oracle Cloud Machine for general use; Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine for your Oracle Database; and Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine for automated big data management and analytics.

As a certified Oracle Partner, Namos can help you choose the right Oracle Cloud at Customer solution to suit your requirements. Feel free to get in touch! 

If you’re trying to meet the demands from line-of-business (LOB) leaders for new or rapidly expanding application environments while keeping a lid on IT costs, Oracle Cloud can help.

Oracle IaaS and PaaS services let you quickly and easily migrate your existing Oracle application to the Cloud. They offer rapid provisioning, elastic scalability and integration across infrastructure, application and database tiers. To meet certain business or regulatory requirements, you can even run your apps on Oracle Cloud machine which gives you access to Oracle Cloud from behind your company firewall.

Oracle Apps, Databases and the rest of the Oracle stack work the same in the Oracle Cloud as on-premises. This true hybrid cloud lets you easily move applications as well as manage on-premises and cloud environments from a single console. That means lower operating costs, better use of your staff and more resources to grow your business.

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