Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Oracle Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) | Migrating from EBS to Oracle Applications Cloud

Make the move to the Cloud with Oracle Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) offers a set of core subscription-based infrastructure capabilities to provide businesses the ability to run any workload in an enterprise-grade cloud managed, hosted, and supported by Oracle.

  • Oracle Compute Cloud Service for elastic compute capacity to address growing business needs
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service to leverage secure and scalable object storage from any environment connected to the internet
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Key Business Benefits

  • IaaS provides instant access to resources, not infrastructure procurement headaches
  • PAYG cost models keep spending levels under control
  • Ability to create and launch new customer facing apps quickly
  • Cloud provides scale that supports larger workloads during peak business / seasonal times

Key Application and Dev Team Benefits

  • Rapid access to computer, networking and storage infrastructure, while maintaining full control of infrastructure platform
  • Accelerate dev/test cycles, quickly test and deploy new features and update production applications

Key IT Benefits

  • Focus on strategic priorities, not managing hardware and software
  • Optimize costs by matching capacity to demand and eliminate the hardware refresh / capacity planning vicious cycle
  • Next generation IaaS performance matches and often exceeds on-premises deployments
  • Reduce internal red tape associated with giving LOBs access to infrastructure
  • Consolidate app silos with disparate on-premises hardware into a single infrastructure – and keep your customizations

As an award-winning Oracle Partner, our IaaS specialists have a proven track record with Oracle’s market-leading IaaS and Cloud at Customer solutions. We can help you choose the right cloud infrastructure for your business.

The Migration From Oracle EBS To Oracle Applications Cloud

The journey to the cloud becomes ever more attractive when analyzing the cost savings and the advantages of security, functionality, latest innovations in reporting and the enhanced user experience.

You can’t rush your journey to the cloud. But with the right management tools and practices in place, it can be a much faster, simpler, and more rewarding process than you might imagine.  

So, what’s the buzz all about and why should we consider migrating from EBusiness Suite?


Support Digital Transformation
One of the main drivers behind moving your business systems to the cloud probably echo a lot of what our customers and peers are facing. The need to improve internal systems to better support your digital transformation and have the flexibility to support varied and changing business models. 

The Agile Business Model
ERP systems need to be operationally agile and efficient enough to support all the new business models, employees, partners and customers.

Current System
Organizations need a more efficient and faster way to access innovation. An upgrade of an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for a company could months or even years. By the time the upgrade is completed the solution is already out of date and you are preparing for further upgrades!

Upkeep and maintenance of on premise hardware is becoming increasingly expensive and time consuming. Providing support to the software via patching and backups involves expensive resources.

The cloud provides a secure platform that removes all reliance on in house security on the database. It’s a one stop shop to a secure environment.

Cloud Foundations

Check your current solution for the optimum set up. This is a perfect opportunity to review the chart of accounts and tidy up the coding, removing any unused accounts. Identify the needs of the business and ensure the solution meets those needs now and is future proofed. This can be part of the Namos Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Implementation Team
Namos Solutions work with the business to identify subject matter experts that can grow with and add input to the new solution from commencement of the project thereby increasing user buy in from day one.

Process Owners
Identify and engage with senior business owners as they need to understand the processes and drive through the changes. Identify the key result areas and the existing bottlenecks so clear benchmarks for success can be achieved. This process helps alleviate resistance to change by on-boarding the organisation.


The Optimum Plan
The implementation program can be either a big bang or a phased approach. Also decide when the go-live date should be, what is the best fit for the business? Make sure a communication channel is created to evangelize business goals and how these goals affect each department. Paint the picture of how the ERP solution will enhance day to day activities and the overall company worth.

Migration Team
What data shall we migrate?  Identify an optimum plan for data load and validation. What is our current product footprint and what’s the best fit for the cloud? Create a migration plan to include testing, data import, environment plan and key dates. We analyze your databases to check what the best structure is albeit SaaS and PaaS. The implementation plan in the cloud is weeks not months.

Change Management
The Cloud cannot encompass any customizations so change management is key to a successful implementation. The cloud allows configuration and encourages best practices in known and tested work flows. This is a value-added exercise Namos Solutions can help you evaluate.

There is no direct upgrade path to the cloud, the only option is to reimplement. This is done using set up tools such as the rapid implementation templates which load the chart of accounts, calendars, ledgers, legal entities and business units. Data is templated and loaded via file based loaders or journal imports via spreadsheets.

The Benefits

Namos Solutions - Oracle Cloud Platinum Partner

Your Next Steps With Oracle Partner Namos Solutions

Namos Solutions is in a unique position to be your solution integrator as we have implemented Oracle Fusion numerous times and use Oracle Fusion internally. During the program Namos Solutions will interview key stakeholders, conduct workshops with users, advise you when constructing a cloud environment plan and strategy. We create a training plan that is tailored to your best fit ensuring your users are fully engaged in the project. With your assigned project manager, we ensure the process fits the purpose and fully project manage the process. 

Contact us and find how we can deliver differentiating results for your business.

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