Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Fast innovation is key for businesses today. The World Economic Forum states that those that do not innovate will be beaten out by those that do.

Oracle Cloud Platform for Oracle SaaS brings AI/ML powered autonomous services in Oracle Cloud Platform to Oracle Cloud Applications customers, partners and developers in a seamless user experience. Achieve rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as chatbots, blockchain, voice, AR / VR and IoT. Simplify connecting, extending, securing and the analysis of your business using one autonomous cloud platform.

Key Benefits

  • Connect across applications – use AI/ML recommendations, self-designing integration, pre-built adapters and flows to rapidly connect application, data and processes and deliver unified experiences.
  • Cutting edge customer experience – delight your customers with engaging, intelligent experiences with unique mobile and web apps, sites, AI-driven chatbots that draw from multiple applications; enable blockchain easily and other tech as it emerges
  • Seamless integration between PaaS and SaaS – extend SaaS quickly with custom UI and logic that are upgrade-safe.
  • Advanced security in the cloud – proactively detect and remediate unauthorised or malicious user activities, enable identity self-service and enforce policies for cloud usage.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Simplify, Standardize and Save with Oracle ERP Cloud!

More and more enterprises are choosing Oracle ERP Cloud to simplify their processes and cut costs. No wonder – it minimizes risk and is quick to deploy too! Based on Oracle’s powerful SaaS infrastructure, Oracle ERP Cloud helps you boost competitiveness and agility, empower your people and maximize value. 

Oracle ERP Cloud simplifies, standardizes, and automates business processes – helping you take full advantage of profitable opportunities. Oracle ERP Cloud’s innovative portfolio is built to help you master everyday business challenges while making better use of your resources.

Oracle ERP Cloud enables your workforce to collaborate, analyze, and work on the move – accelerating performance and attracting the right talent. It underpins the social enterprise with smart and secure in-context collaboration. Oracle ERP Cloud also provides insight for everyone – the right information at the right time in a simple to use self-service application from day one. Your workforce can also access Oracle ERP Cloud anytime and from anywhere with built-in mobile access.

To maximize value, Oracle ERP Cloud reduces costs and helps you make smarter use of resources. With Oracle ERP Cloud, you get predictable pricing by paying only for what you need. And there’s no more costly and disruptive upgrades as you’re always using the latest software version. Also, with a modern ERP cloud, you have the opportunity to make smarter use of your people. With Oracle ERP Cloud, your IT resources can be focused on driving innovation for your business. So, simplify, standardize and save with Oracle ERP Cloud!
Oracle ERP Cloud is designed for the way people work today, embedding social, analytic, and mobile capabilities for superior workforce productivity.

Oracle ERP Cloud is designed for your success. Boost competitiveness and agility, empower your people, and maximize value. So simplify, standardize and save with Oracle ERP Cloud!

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Unsure about where to begin? 

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We are consumers of the products we sell.  

Having true belief in the capabilities of the products and solutions we champion.  We run our own Cloud ERP with Projects, Expenses and Time and Labor internally, setting us apart from our competitors. 

This means we use the same system as our Cloud customers. This provides us with great insight into future releases and ensures our customers are not impeded by the upgrade process as we have already tested it and are prewarned to any potential problems, therefore can more competently support our Cloud customers. 

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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

In these times of massive business uncertainty punctuated by technology disruption, geo-political shifts, changing regulations and more, organizations that respond quickly are able to stay ahead of the curve. A modern EPM solution enables you to understand how, when, and where to adjust to disruptions.

Don’t trust your business to just any EPM software. Disconnected, point solutions are risky and costly to integrate and maintain. Only Oracle offers a best-in-class EPM Cloud that is connected and complete to give you the agility you need to outperform in today’s constantly evolving business landscape.

Oracle offers the market’s most comprehensive and integrated suite of applications for EPM, covering the following functional capabilities:

  • Planning and Profitability
  • Comprehensive Financial Close
  • Narrative and Disclosure Reporting
  • Enterprise Data Management

Key Benefits

  • Innovate Today
    Leverage Intelligent process automation to automate financial close and reconciliation processes
  • Predict Tomorrow
    Leverage AI and Machine Learning to elevate the quality of decisions within and beyond finance
  • Shape the Future
    Connect and transform your business processes with a common EPM Cloud Platform for greater agility

Oracle HCM Cloud

Modernize HR and get the Benefits of the Cloud

Gathering all the information you need about your workforce can be hard when you have multiple human capital management systems that don’t communicate with each other. But Oracle HCM Cloud is different.  

It gives you real-time access to key information, making it easier for you to analyze workforce data and identify the right staffing levels for your future business strategy. To optimize your workforce today, you can take a closer look at any performance gaps and intervene where necessary – before they impact the bottom line. You can also evaluate whether your compensation strategy is competitive enough to retain your top talent.

Oracle HCM Cloud provides an easy-to-use interface, so you can do all this and more – making your job easier and helping you align your workforce to real business needs. 

Oracle HCM Cloud is a modern, social HCM system that supports all aspects of the HR cycle – from recruitment to training and compensation to analytics. It delivers actionable insight, so you can act fast to intervene in problem areas. And it’s cloud-based – so it’s ready to use quickly, saves you money and doesn’t overburden your IT people. 

Key Product Modules:

  • Global Human Resources
  • Workforce compensation
  • Talent Management
  • Recruiting
  • Learning
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Time and Labor
  • HR Held Desk
  • Workforce Health and Safety
  • Work Life Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Boost employee engagement and retention
  • Increase productivity with simple, standard business processes
  • Improve how you source and compete for top talent
  • Accelerate onboarding and time-to-productivity
  • Innovate easily with fast product updates in the cloud
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Support compliance needs

Contact us to find out more about Oracle HCM Cloud!

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud 

Gartner Predicts 2018: Future of Supply Chain Operations paints a picture of a world where technology innovation  from artificial intelligence to Blockchain – is intertwined with supply chain management (SCM) strategy and operations.  This means SCM is on its way to becoming technology-centric as opposed to simply technology-enabled.

“There is no doubt that deploying innovative technology can improve efficiency and customer service, and can help raise maturity and transform supply chains. For example, 90% of companies operating at stages four or five maturity levels outperform their peers, and many are considered industry leaders.”
– C. Dwight Klappich, Research Vice President, Gartner

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM) is the only supply chain management solution that lets businesses build tomorrow’s digital supply chain, today. Oracle SCM Cloud manages the complex and demand-driven marketplace of the future with a digital thread of end-to-end business technology that takes companies beyond traditional supply chain operations and into integrated business planning. Fully extendible to utilize emerging technologies, Oracle’s digital supply chain offers an architecture that supports AI, Blockchain, IoT, and machine learning, and meets the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution without the need for costly consultants or upgrades.

Get visibility across your supply chain

  • Know with certainty where raw materials or product components are in your upstream supply chain and what your suppliers’ predicted inventory levels are.
  • Be able to track customer preferences and demand signals to ensure that product availability and delivery will exceed customer expectations.

Create great products for your customers

  • Incorporate customer product experience and expectations into the design, manufacturing, distribution, and support processes.

Integrate both upstream and downstream supply chain processes

  • Enable upstream suppliers to tap into downstream customer demand analyzes to better prepare for changing customer demands and expectations – increasing your ability to delight the customer and maintain maximum efficiencies in delivering your product to market.

Oracle CX Cloud

Simplify, Innovate and Deliver with Smarter CX

Customers are at the heart of your business and define how successful you’ll be in future. That’s why it makes sense to put all customer operations on a single platform – Oracle Smarter CX. 

All its applications and data are interconnected, simplifying your IT and reducing vendor sprawl. Spend less time on managing your CX infrastructure, so you have more time to implement new customer experience innovations that make you stand out from the competition. And powerful analytics across multiple data sources gives your sales team new insight into customer behavior and requirements while shortening the sales cycle and delivering results faster. Whether your interest is in marketing, sales, e-commerce or service, Smarter CX from Oracle has the right solution for your needs. It offers:

  • Enterprise mobile app for sales with offline read and write capabilities to manage opportunities and engagement with customers
  • Sales reps can see prospect and customer engagement on websites and marketing emails before and during interaction between the employee and the customer
  • Robust B2B features like configure, price and quote with easy to use rules management
  • A full suite of commerce functionalities for intuitive experience building along with product information management (PIM) and integration with payments, orders and inventory management systems
  • Complete range of service features including self-help tools and web chat, co-browse.
  • Field service functions for effective management of field resources and IoT
  • Unified customer master data as an underlying repository for all CX products

The single-vendor approach with Smarter CX cuts the cost of winning new customers. Its fast, cloud-based deployment reduces risk. And most importantly, Smarter CX helps you deliver outstanding customer experiences that drive revenues and customer loyalty. Oracle’s Smarter CX consists of connected data that uses connected intelligence to provide connected experiences for your customers.

As a certified Oracle partner, we can help you choose the right Oracle CX solution to suit your requirements. And deliver better results for your business.

We are consumers of the products we sell.

Having true belief in the capabilities of the products and solutions we champion.

At Namos we have a catchphrase “Drinking our own champagne” by this we mean we use Oracle Cloud CX solutions to manage our day-to-day business:

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud for all its Sales tracking from opportunity through to Sale. It’s an integrated system that adds value throughout the sales process engaging all involved to provide a true cloud solution.

No matter what size your business is or what sector you are in the CX products are efficient and easy to use so come and talk to Namos about your CX solutions.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Cloud

  • Are you getting the necessary status information on your project initiatives and their execution?
  • Do you have clear insight into what projects your people are working on?
  • What type of mobile capabilities do you offer your project managers and project teams?
  • Do your team members have project-based social network tools to collaborate on tasks?
  • Do you have the financial tools you need to manage project budgets, costs and contracts?
  • Do you have the ability to effectively analyze project performance and cost trends?

Project management is changing. Expectations are different for project organizations and yesterday’s project tools are no longer adequate. Today, organizations are expected to empower teams and deliver projects faster and with greater value for customers.

Oracle has a modern, cloud-based project management solution built for today’s projects. Project teams collaborate and achieve better results with mobile and social tools that match the way they work. Project managers focus on analytics to improve performance rather than collecting status. Billing cycles are reduced to improve cash flow. And, by combining project management with ERP, the business uses real-time performance and cost insight to deliver projects better and faster for customers.

Let’s talk about how Oracle PPM Cloud can modernize your project management.

The Solution

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud offers an integrated project management suite that is designed to automate, streamline, and control project financial and project execution management processes end-to-end.

Oracle PPM Cloud includes:

  • Project Financials
  • Project Contract Billing
  • Grants Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Task Management

Key Benefits

  • Improve collaboration and productivity among project teams and managers 
  • Improve executive insight into projects and response time to project issues 
  • Better understand project resource skills and capabilities through connectivity with HR data 
  • Accelerate processing of project costs and revenue through connectivity with Finance data

Key Features

  • Modern, end-to-end enterprise PPM for a single source of truth
  • Fully integrated with Finance and HR data
  • Embedded social collaboration tools
  •  Best-in-class project financial management
  • Modular, easy to adopt project execution solution
  • Project resource management for best-fit resources on the right projects
  • Real-time task management for team members
  • Mobile solutions for the entire project team
  • Trends and historical analysis for project key performance indicators

As a certified Oracle partner, we can help you choose the right Oracle solution to suit your requirements. And deliver better results for your business. Feel free to get in touch! 

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