Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud 

Gartner Predicts 2018: Future of Supply Chain Operations paints a picture of a world where technology innovation — from artificial intelligence to Blockchain — is intertwined with supply chain management (SCM) strategy and operations.  This means SCM is on its way to becoming technology-centric as opposed to simply technology-enabled.

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM) is the only supply chain management solution that lets businesses build tomorrow’s digital supply chain, today. Oracle SCM Cloud manages the complex and demand-driven marketplace of the future with a digital thread of end-to-end business technology that takes companies beyond traditional supply chain operations and into integrated business planning. Fully extendible to utilise emerging technologies, Oracle’s digital supply chain offers an architecture that supports AI, Blockchain, IoT, and machine learning, and meets the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution without the need for costly consultants or upgrades.

“There is no doubt that deploying innovative technology can improve efficiency and customer service, and can help raise maturity and transform supply chains. For example, 90% of companies operating at stages four or five maturity levels outperform their peers, and many are considered industry leaders.”

– C. Dwight Klappich
Research Vice President, Gartner

Get visibility across your supply chain

  • Know with certainty where raw materials or product components are in your upstream supply chain and what your suppliers’ predicted inventory levels are.
  • Be able to track customer preferences and demand signals to ensure that product availability and delivery will exceed customer expectations.

Create great products for your customers

  • Incorporate customer product experience and expectations into the design, manufacturing, distribution, and support processes.

Integrate both upstream and downstream supply chain processes

  • Enable upstream suppliers to tap into downstream customer demand analyses to better prepare for changing customer demands and expectations – increasing your ability to delight the customer and maintain maximum efficiencies in delivering your product to market.

Sound tempting? As a certified Oracle Partner, we can help you choose the right Oracle solutions for your business needs.  Feel free to get in touch! 

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